Who We Are

BlackQ.TV the UK’s 1st official black owned community channel. Educating for a better tomorrow. Aimed at young and old disadvantaged ethnic groups enabling them to access information regarding :

Financial Empowerment, Black History, Truth Talk, Healthy Lifestyles, Music, Art, Comedy, News, Entertainment and Fashion.

I was brought up in Acton , West London , witnessing poverty and inequality. This led to me becoming a statistic and being incarcerated at a young age. Due to the lack of opportunities and positive role models, this continued for a number of years which lead to many incarcerated periods and exposure to a violent environment.

My parents taught me right from wrong and made me aware that there were consequences to my actions. The education system failed me by failing to equip me with basic financial and business acumen knowledge.

This is why I am passionate about creating a platform which will enable the viewer to access the teaching and knowledge that was not afforded to me in my youth, which I have now acquired throughout my life’s journey.


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